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Hotelchoosing is a website collecting and advertising information about registered hotels. Visitors can find and compare hotels, contact hotel directly.

Hotelchoosing offers its visitors an access to all information about the accommodation possibilities. It gives an opportunity to find and compare chosen hotels. Visitors can compare prices, services, photos, location and etc. They also have possibility to contact chosen hotel directly by sending an e-mail or by a phone, visit hotel’s homepage and make reservation directly via hotel’s reservation system.

Hotelchoosing allows hotels to promote themselves by making profile and providing direct hotel contact to the visitors of the website. This website is focused on highlighting hotel’s own homepage, contact details, e-mail address, phone number and its own reservation system.

If you want to join us and promote your hotel click Register your hotel.


The main aim of this website is to offer its visitors an easy way to find, compare and choose their hotel and it gives hotels space for direct promotion and possibility to reach new guest as well.

Hotelchoosing´s future vision is to become a user-friendly website with the biggest database of direct information about hotels worldwide.

Read FAQ to get more information of how Hotelchoosing works or how to use this website by seeing Term & Conditions.

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